A Goal Setting Best Practice (Counter-Intuitive) Keep your goals QUIET!

“You can’t build a reputation on what you are going to do”

Henry Ford

If you’ve read The 3 C’s of SucCcess (And I’m sure you have, Thank you) you know one of the more controversial statements I make about achieving your goals is to KEEP YOUR GOALS (particularly your BIGGEST, HAIRIEST, SCARIEST, FREAKIEST goal, TO YOURSELF!)

I can’t tell you how many comments I received telling me that was “INCORRECT”. That “common wisdom. By the way, always remember to question “Common Wisdom”, is that you should tell everyone you can — to use the LEVERAGE of a group to scare you / motivate you. My contention in the book AND (based upon MY EXPERIENCE achieving rather large goals) was to KEEP them QUITE. WHY!? Because if everything is ENERGY, you’re wasting a whole lot running around (at least i was) telling everyone what you are going to do. WHO CARES!?? They don’t care. Not because they don’t care. But, because they have their own goals to pursue AND UNTIL you ACTUALLY do anything (actually achieve it) it’s not going to mean much — it’s just the proverbial “hot air”.

The great thing is, the above video shares a SCIENTIFIC study based upon the psychology of what happens when you tell people. WATCH IT! You will become complacent in a sense — as though you’ve somehow achieved it, even slightly by talking about it. Strange but perhaps true. When I reflect all those big goals I only spoke of to people, it actually makes some sense as though I was trying to convince them and myself I could/would do that someday.

So, whether for psychological reasons or cosmic, metaphysical reasons (energy!). My advice remains consistent. Your best bet to achieve your goals is to keep them quite, bust your ass (work really hard), and keep them quite. (BTW: not to confuse you, but sharing your goal with and using a master mind certainly works. but that is very different then just blabbing about the goal to friends and family. ) Perhaps the master-mind will be another post.

Until then…. Keep your fricken mouth shut! : )

Big love. I’m expecting that thank you email in a year after you’ve nailed a BIG GOAL!


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