The Gift of Responsibility or Responsibility is JOB #1!

“If you do the things you ought to do–when you ought to do them–the day will come when you can do the things you want to do–when you want to do them!”

Zig Ziglar.

Anyone can make an excuse-and many people do. You, from this point forward are different. You have the mindset that anything is achievable and that taking total responsibility for where you are right now and where you are headed is Job #1!

Making excuses–whether conscious or unconscious–may be the number-one reason for people’s poor character development, and therefore the perpetual and futile attempt to realize their ideal future – their success.


If something is hard–if it’s a challenge–you are on the right track. And, yes, that is a belief system. However, it is my direct experience that when beliefs are aligned with timeless principles; that is, where belief systems intersect with timeless principles such as, challenge creates growth – desires and dreams tend to manifest much more quickly.

In Dr. Dyer’s book “The Power of Intention” he speaks of something very similar – which is aligning your personal character traits and actions with that of the “Creator”. In the book he lists seven characteristics; creativity, love, kindness, beauty, receptivity, abundance, expansiveness. As it relates to your dreams unfolding – a critical alignment component for you is to be sure both your beliefs and character traits align with these timeless principles. I highly recommend you read this book.

Why do the Marines and other armed forces throw so much adversity; literally, difficulty after difficulty at their young recruits? Two reasons; one is to quickly identify at what starting point the cadets character is and two, because they understand that this is the quickest way to develop a stronger character.

Responsibility is where both the challenge and FUN lie! Yes, setting up a belief system to embrace challenge is an essential beginning. This is what develops and strengthens YOUR CHARACTER! (The second “C”). Start by taking 100-percent responsibility for where you are right now and where you are headed.

Are you hiding from a challenge? Are you ducking responsibility? It’s always easier to do nothing or to point fingers then assume responsibility? Recognize all growth comes from challenge and change.

It’s an over-used analogy but so true; the weight lifter increases the challenge (the weights) to build his muscles. The difference of course is his VIEW of the challenge as an exciting opportunity to increase his ability and strength. He simply views the challenge differently and embraces it. This is responsibility in its purest sense! This is the GIFT OF RESPONSIBILITY!

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