Kindle KDP Promotion Goes LIVE TODAY! Top Ten eBook; Self Esteem, Personal Transformation & Depression

“The lazy man does the hardest work.” ~Proverb

Why NOT give it a try?

If the goal of writing the book is to help people, why not give it away— at least for a short period of time (like TODAY for instance), right?

Last year, just before the holidays I received an incredible email. A woman wanted to purchase not just one copy of the paperback The 3 C’s of Success or 10 copies but between 30 – 50 copies” — she ended up buying 45 copies of The 3 C’s of Success” as GIFTS, and then gave them away to all her managers at her company.

You bet. While that was exciting and I was admittedly floored initially, I guess I always knew (believed) that there was tremendous VALUE in this little book.

The Challenge is always the same… More Eyeballs

So, while website gets a lot of visitors each month, you can bet AMAZON gets even more. So, I’ve decided to join their new KDP select program and give it a try and try the FREE Promo day.


I believe that the harder AND smarter you work – the “easier” life gets. There is a great saying, “The lazy man does the hardest work.”

So, it’s approriate that the FREE PROMO DAY is LABOR Day! I believe that if you follow and work on the 3 C’s; Creativity, Character and Completion – and routinely focus on and develop habits of them you will indeed “set yourself FREE!”

Then, there is the PROBLEM with FREE.

Unfortunately, FREE tends to be associated with a very LOW “perceived value”. That is, typically, when we get something for free we tend not to value it. Which is interesting considering that THE MOST VALUABLE things we have in life are, of course, FREE.

The air is free.
Love is free.
Friendship is free.
Family is free.
Good health is free.

So, there you have it my friends, at least for today anyway, “The 3 C’s of Success” is FREE. And, if you’re an amazon prime member you can “borrow” it i guess for free too?

Either way, live the 3 C’s to be set free!

Happy Labor Day… Enjoy!