Check your Harmony Levels – Happy Thanksgiving!

Have you considered the value of harmony?

As families converge from the far corners of the country to gather and celebrate on this Thanksgiving Day (today)—I figured it was an appropriate time to revisit the subject of HARMONY

Don’t be mistaken:
Harmony isn’t just a feel good state or a perfect sequence of music.

Harmony isn’t just peace and love—or the feeling of being in love.

Harmony is essential for your personal and professional success.

From an efficiency standpoint, is there anything more efficient than harmony? From an effectiveness standpoint, is there anything more effective than harmony?

As you march into the new year, I encourage you to assess your harmony “levels” in each area of you life — family/friends, spiritual, emotional, physical (your body), professional and environment (your surroundings).

where there is harmony, there is effectiveness.
where there is harmony, there is efficiency
where there is harmony, there is productivity
harmony is happiness, contentment and joy rolled into one
harmony is unity
harmony is balance
harmony is love

Begin today to conscientiously refine all areas for a more harmonious and therefore productive and influential life. Happy Thanksgiving my friends! ; )