“I Like Myself, I Like Myself, I Like Myself” Try the “I like Myself” Challenge for Just One Week. (If You Dare)

“Your self-image is either your life-handicap or your auto-pilot for winning!”

– Dr. Dennis Waitley

I recently heard Brian Tracy, a living legend in the personal development space, give a talk to a group of entrepreneurs and out of his mouth came this statement, “All of your achievement ultimately, will be directly related to your self-confidence—directly related to how much you “LIKE YOURSELF”.

At first I’ll admit, I thought that was fairly obvious. However, (as I write in the The 3 C’s of Succcess) I’ve learned that a critical trait of all successful people is to remain OPEN and examine ALL new ideas and possibilities. For some strange reason I couldn’t shake this idea so I decided it was time to test is myself. Time for me to practice what I preach and write about, right?

The shocking truth is that the more I tested it, either verbally or  silently to myself, I realized some fairly powerful insights. Here they are and I encourage you to test this for yourself for ONLY ONE WEEK. What do you have to lose? You will learn a lot and it’s FREE! ; )

1. It’s an immediate TRUTH TEST.

Just try it by yourself looking into a mirror. Say it out loud (multiple times) and you will FEEL the results for yourself. Thankfully, all was good on this end. However, I can tell you (again, after further contemplation) I, unfortunately know many for whom this might not go so well. THE GOOD NEWS IS, this exercise is primarily designed for those people. In fact, if you might be one PLEASE read on to understand the exciting benefits and just how this seems to work so well.

2. Produces calm and relaxation.

Assuming the response feels even semi-comfortable the first few times. If it doesn’t, it will over time. The goal is a one week challenge here. So when you wake up and before you go to sleep you should say this no less than 10 times. Also, if during the day you feel any stress, say it ten times.

3. Increases strength and a sense of safety.

Strangely or NOT so strangely, you’ll immediately feel more confident and even at peace. Almost like, your subconscious is connecting the dots. That is, “what am I so concerned about here, ‘I like myself’ therefore, it stands to reason most others like me too and good things are on there way.” May sound a bit corny but all i can do is ask YOU to test it for ONE WEEK!

4. Enhances feelings of self-worth.

This realization leads to an immediate sense of self-value and self-worth, which of course feeds your

5. Self Confidence

And, here we are. You can see we circle right back to where we started; to the opening statement, your SELF-CONFIDENCE is directly related to your RESULTS.

Self Confidence = Results. Self-confidence = Results.

How are your results? How is your self-confidence?

So, why does it seem to work?

Why does it provide these benefits even if say, you may not like yourself too much. You see, the theory at play is that your mind can only hold one thought at any given time, and as you fixate and say this statement over and over, you’re literally programming your mind with these positive affirmations.

However, each time this statement is verbalized (even internalized) your body’s emotional vibrations can’t help but pickup this statement/signal (you are nothing but energy) and your subconscious tunes right in. When repeated 20-30 or more times per day, you literally can’t help but feel better about yourself, your circumstance and your surroundings. In fact, the crazy thing is, as you “like yourself” more you make better decisions, foster better choices and guess what? That’s right, people quickly sense this self-confidence.

Give yourself the “I LIKE MYSELF” test for just ONE WEEK! Use this affirmation anytime you might feel insecure or angry or disappointed. Just test it. And, be sure to email me at [email protected] the results since I’ve turned off comments.


This audio program by Brian Tracy is terrific. The Psychology of Achievement . I picked it up after hearing him speak and he discusses this topic at length (In far greater detail then the video above). Highly recommended. Powerful stuff about how to break through the psychological barriers preventing you from being all you can be. Check it out here at Nightingale-Conant (affiliate link):  The Psychology of Achievement


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