Amazon, “Inside the Book” Tour

Now that The 3 C’s of SUCCCESS is selling on Amazon; honest, quality reviews are requested and welcomed. Even if you’ve only downloaded and read the FREE version, (yes, there are a few of you) please consider taking a few minutes to share a review. Feedback is the breakfast of champions as Ken Blanchard likes to say.

It’s been remarkable to watch the book go from a sales rank (about two weeks ago) of #1,879,087 in sales all the way up to the X00,000’s! The 3 C’s isn’t being distributed through any big publishing house. To date, there has been no concerted marketing effort – this is essentially a grass-roots effort, sold through a micro publisher.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, with some very modest early success in sales, we’ve decided that it made a great deal of sense to reward the two non-profits who were largely responsible for the inspiration of the work; Big Brothers Big Sisters and Junior Achievement.

Proceeds to the tune of $1 per book will go to each non-profit. My direct experience volunteering and working with these fine agencies the last 10 and 5 years respectively helped to inspire the book and we want to make certain their fantastic missions and visions are realized to support and inspire our great country’s youth.

Thanks so much for the continued support. ***Just added, check out this youtube video i found clearly demonstrating the power of positive role models! INCREDIBLE!