photo: courtesy Flickr – by Ingorrr

Excerpt from “The 3C’s” The Ebook
by Mitch W. Steel

“There are two ways to live: You can live as if nothing is a miracle; or, you can live as if everything is a miracle.”
Albert Einstein

Either everything is a miracle or nothing is. So which is it?

That is a question you ought to dwell upon for a good, long while. For, it suggests that if you consider ANYTHING a miracle – then, everything ought to be considered such. And, since you don’t have answers to everything – this would suggest then that everything is indeed a miracle. Taken one step further then – you (my brother or sister) are part of everything. Therefore, you are a miracle! You are NO loser!

As reviewed earlier with the second “C” character, your self image/self esteem must be high enough for you to believe that you are a miracle–that you are indeed a worthy contributor to society. This high self-esteem will help you to finish your projects and overcome any “FEAR.”

A great place to start with that self-concept is to ensure your Master Belief Record (internal), as reviewed earlier is in proper working order. It helps greatly to recognize the series of fantastic events that had to take place just for you to “arrive” on this planet at this time!

Don’t think your life is a miracle?

Here’s another perspective – don’t take my word for it, consider for a moment… how many ridiculous circumstances and events had to occur in just the right sequence for you to be here right now–to even exist. What had to happen for YOU to exist? What events transpired?

If you can’t already site the bizarre series of events that led to your parents meeting then go ask them for the story. They’ll probably tell you that “had it not been for the traffic” . . . “had I never taken that job offer . . . “ “taken the trip out of town … “ they never would have met–and you (yes you my friend) would never have been “CREATED”! Conservatively stated, that is indeed a minor miracle!

Now let’s take a few steps back–or should I say way . . . way back. Let’s take a look at our very planet, Earth. Do you realize that at the very moment that you’re reading this, our planet is spinning on its axis at approximately 7,000 miles per hour? I recommend you stop and consider that statement one more time. Then, just for fun, consider at the very same time, we’re rotating around the sun at nearly 67,000 mph.

Simply based on either of those two remarkable facts alone, how can you think your existence is anything but extraordinary? A remarkable gift indeed – an unexplainable miracle. This is what Einstein is referring to when he suggests that you can either look at everything as a miracle or nothing. There is no in-between. You are no mistake. Again, you are NO loser.

Yes, the interesting thing here – this is a MBR – a master belief record – so if you caught that congratulations. As you can see, sadly, there are people who believe they are a “mistake” or a “loser”. The incredible thing is that is their “choice”. THEY have elected to BELIEVE they are a “mistake” or a “loser”. So, my friend, if this is your choice… why not choose the “miracle” – you chose the belief and the meaning that directs every other related belief.

This is the sort evidence you ought to use to bolster your belief system and help you battle through your daily challenges to ensure you stay the course and complete your mission. And, as any “miracle” might suggest you therefore have a moral imperative and obligation to follow through—to complete your creative desires – to fulfill your ideal future!