Living Your Authentic Life, End of Life Gems Revealed

Enjoy this short TEDx Talk by Kathleen Taylor! A reader recently shared. Thanks Scott!

Many of these ideas parallel what is written about in the “3 C’s of Succcess”. It’s very reassuring. Kathleen has years of experience caring for people in their final moments and these lessons are not to be missed.

Enjoy and share!
Make it a great day – the choice is yours.

Leadership—An Every Day Activity


Most people hear the term LEADERSHIP and envision great leaders like American football coaching legend Vince Lombardi or Winston Churchill or Martin Luther King, etc. The only challenge with that viewpoint it is outwardly directed; as in — great leaders are OUT —>THERE ->
(not me)!

What did you envision when I started with the word, LEADERSHIP?

Did you envision yourself? Perhaps you envisioned what you wish your boss was like?

What I’ve learned over the last 30 years is that leadership is simple but not necessarily easy and that it is built upon daily actions, decisions, and habits. Leadership demands integrity and integrity is built one brick at a time, day in — day out.

Yes! Leadership is an everyday activity based upon personal integrity. Leadership starts with TRUST (see video above), and is a reflection of our personal responsibility. Every day, each of us have the opportunity to be in harmony with our values (integrated) and therefore we can strengthen our leadership or, we may unconsciously and in some cases, even consciously, choose to be out of integrity / disharmony with our values.

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Be Smart; Know “Smarts” Ain’t The Answer

“Imagination is more important than knowledge.”~Albert Einstein

Many of us may not give this quote a second look. Some have actually laughed at it. However, when they recognize Einstein said it, at the very least it gives them pause. However, sadly, most of us really don’t take the time to truly understand its significance.

Consider for a minute: If mankind worked only from what we know today, how could society progress?

For the purposes of ingraining Einstein’s message further, draw your own time-line on a sheet of paper. Now, mark the middle of it with a small vertical line (as above), and to the left of this vertical line, write the words “past/knowledge”; to the right, please write “future/imagination.”

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